I really enjoyed the class (Release and Recharge). It was so energizing and so peaceful. I still feel totally relaxed from the class. M.

(This woman was struck by a motorcycle while vacationing (Paris) sustaining severe brain trauma requiring emergency brain surgery. I performed a series of distant BodyTalk sessions (from Pennsylvania) to speed healing so client was stable to travel home to the US and continue with her rehabilitation and medical care here- below is a note from her daughter)

"When my Mom was injured in France, your help was so appreciated. I cannot even express to you how much it meant to me to have your support and your skill to help my Mom. It was so deeply personal to me and your kindness and the information that you were able to relay really gave me strength to endure the hardest time of my life. 

It is still incredible to me that you were able to tell that her kidneys were not functioning correctly before the doctors realized it. In fact, I often wonder if the doctors checked because I asked after getting the info from your reading of my Mom. She was not able to express how she felt at the time so they had no idea. Her infection took a long time to get under control and affected her sodium level, which is what prohibited us from traveling to bring her home. Thank God you told me so they could address it because I don’t think I could have managed staying there for much longer. Your suggestions regarding how we communicate around her was also a huge help. As soon as we began going into the hall to talk to the doctors about her condition she was much more calm. I have no doubt that your help made it possible for us to bring her home sooner. The doctors kept saying that her progress was nothing short of miraculous.

Anne, you have such a gift and I am so lucky to know you. I will always remember and be grateful for all that you have done." K.M. 

(After first BodyTalk/Lymphatic Drainage session with Anne)

Thanking you for helping me...I am feeling much better since seeing you. Definitely expelling the emotions and feeling a lot less anxious and stressed. B.B.

Over the years I've tried many different styles of yoga- Vinyasa, Bikram, Flow, Yin, Restorative. I've never heard of Svaroopa@ so I figure, I'll try it out. This class was amazing- I feel so calm.  I never experienced this effect before can't quite put it into words. Thank you. I.S.

(after first Pranic Healing session with Anne)

I feel very free of physical and more so emotional pain and weight. I really needed this healing. I will return again this has been so life changing for me. Thanks and more thanks! M.M.

I think it really helped a lot!!! My SI joint good-played tennis well too! (after first BodyTalk session with Anne) E.S.

The nagging pain on my side that I had for months is gone after one Embodyment session with Judy. Three days later it is still gone. S.R.

Since my chemotherapy treatments ended, I have scheduled Embodyments every two weeks. I know it has made such a positive difference in my recovery.  Pat O.

(Client experiencing acute neck and shoulder pain)
Today's gentle class with your adjustments and suggestions played a big part in the recovery.  Thank you so much! 

Anne, thank you for another enlightening (BodyTalk) session.


Thanks , Anne for a wonderful (BodyTalk) session. What you said was so right on. I am feeling  more centered and calm about taking the exam. 


Yoga has made quite a difference in my life. I have been practicing Svaroopa yoga for over 15 years and I can say that it has helped to quiet my mind, free tension up and down my spine and is a great stress reducer! Try it!


I love Svaroopa Yoga at the Sweet Pose Yoga studio, I love Anne Susas and I love Body Talk.
I love coming to the studio to do Svaroopa yoga.  It is so very calming and relaxing and so healing.  The very first time I tried it, my body said YES!!!  Since then, Svaroopa has helped keep my back healthy and continues to create a peaceful inner state whenever I practice it.

Anne is so wise and so kind, so skilled and so kowledgeable. 

Body Talk is an incredibly comprehensive system that addresses the whole person, body, mind and spirit.  I never know quite what Anne will come up with, but I'm always astonished at how right on it is.  I always feel better, sometimes in unexpected ways.  One of the things I love best about Body Talk, is that everything Anne does is based on the information she gets directly from your body through muscle testing. I trust the method completely to identify what needs to be addressed and how best to do it.  With her extensive knowledge and strong intuitive skills, I trust Anne completely and recommend her most highly!!
Qatana S.

“If you do one kind and good thing for yourself, please give yourself the gift of yoga at Sweet Pose.  The experience of opening your spine and feeling the spiritual and physical release is not easy to describe but something you will not forget once you try.  I’ve been taking yoga classes with Anne Susas since the studio opened and I learn something new and enlightening each week.  Anne is a gentle and competent teacher and highly skilled at assessing the proper techniques and positions needed to gain the most benefit from the practice.  Treat yourself to an opportunity to escape the day-to-day for a moment each week and feel mentally and physically refreshed.”

Janice A.

"The gift of svaroopa yoga anchors me over and over. Shavasana and ujjayi nourish and center me so that I can be in-the-moment.

Pranic Healing's Meditation on Twin Hearts makes me feel a connectedness to a human community intending to give the best of our positive energy to bless the world. The skills of Pranic Healing help me feel like I can 'do' something and offer light and healing to others. This I treasure. " Paula D.

"Thank you, Anne, for today's excellent yoga class. It felt so good at the time and my very tight hips are so much more relaxed after today's class. I feel so much better." Barbara

"My daughter gave me the gift of Svaroopa yoga classes for Christmas.  I kept telling her I felt like a giant knot.  She looked into it and found a class with Anne for me.  I am still trying to learn to relax but since starting the classes I feel better than I have in a very long time.  I look forward to my class every week! " Kathy Y.

"My yoga practice has helped me with my flexibility and balance. I always feel better after yoga class." M. Goldman

"Svaroopa yoga has changed my life physically for the most part. Prior I was taking anti-inflammatory meds all the time & at the chiropractor weekly. Today I RARELY need medication &  FEWER chiropractor visits. I'm so grateful to have found this 14 years ago." June D.

 "Ever since I started yoga I began to feel more relaxed and less tensed. It was a great thing for me to do because I tend to get very stressed over homework so taking yoga relieved me of some of that stress. This type of yoga is very calming and teaches you how certain breathing exercises and poses can help with everyday tension. This is truly a great experience and I recommend it for everyone." Rachel- CHS student

"I LOVE my Sweet Pose morning! I leave each class feeling renewed, restored, revitalized and inspired." Deane L.

"The class was filled with relaxing stretches and calming music. When the class was finished, I definitely felt better. I was in a positive mood, and I wasn’t stressed. After a long day of school I used yoga as “me” time to relax and unwind." Emily, high school senior