Pranic Healing is a non touch form of energy healing. While you are sitting comfortable or resting lying down, the session begins by the practitioner scanning your energy body for areas of congestion ( heavy dense energy) and depletion ( low or weak energy). The focus is on cleansing and energizing from the outside,  inside. Starting from cutting energetic cords to negative circumstances or people who drain you, cleaning your aura of heavy energy (stress, emotions, toxins), balancing your chakras, repairing any tears due to longstanding conditions like ongoing anxiety, grief or illness, clearing of heavy energies in your organs, endocrine, and body parts and energizing with intention of health, balance and inner peace.

Pranic healing can address most common problems whether they are physical, emotional, mental or spiritual in nature. It can be  used as a stand alone practice to maintain optimal health and wellbeing. While Pranic Healing does not replace traditional medical care, it can complement any treatment for faster healing.

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