Welcome to Sweet Pose, a wellness studio in Paoli offering complementary and holistic healing, yoga therapy, yoga and meditation classes.


No Wednesday evening classes at 6:30pm on May 22 and June 5.

Upcoming Events

NEW! Movement Lab Series with Nikki Blagden

When? April 25, May 2, May 9 at 9:30 am, Sweet Pose Yoga

Investment: $30 per class or $80 for the series

What is it? Movement Lab is an exploratory series of 3 hour long classes consisting of self-assessments and exercises designed to show you where you're using your body too little, where you're using your body too much, and how to find balance. We’ll explore how to own your range of motion through mobility work and create space through traditionally underused areas. Class size is small by design, and pre-registration is required reserve your spot. Not recommended for those with acute injuries.


4/25 Neck, shoulders and upper back – Tension in the back, neck, and shoulders is often connected. We’ll unwind tension and find freedom and space through your joints.

5/2 Hips and low back– Strengthen your standing and walking muscles. Explore muscular connections to the pelvis to bring some TLC to your hips and lumbar spine.

5/9 Hands, feet and balance - Our feet are our foundation and for most of us they have been casted (i.e. put in rigid shoes) our whole lives. Tight feet = tight hips, and tight hands = tight shoulders. Unwind tension in your extremities and explore how stiff feet affect balance.

Preregistration is required. All classes are full, we will keep you posted when we do this again.

Sacred Sound Bath Meditation with Matthew Armand

Tuesday, April 30, 7:00-8:15pm

Experience a Sacred Sound Bath Meditation for relaxation, transformation and healing. As you are lying down in Shavasana or seated comfortably in a chair, Matthew Armand uses Tibetan singing bowls and a Rav Vast drum to surround you with sound and vibration to help calm your mind, relax your body and nourish your soul. The soothing sounds and vibrations from these healing instruments have been found to positively affect the human body on many levels. Bring yourself back into balance for inner peace, relaxation, optimal health and wellbeing.

Fee $35 (Cash or check made out to Matthew Armand) Please RSVP to anne@sweetpose.com

Theta Healing with Andara Crystals with Fred Salzman

Thursday, May 2, 6:30-8:30pm

Welcome to an incredibly intense Theta healing meditation. It will also include Fred's personal collection of Andara crystals set in a spiral to help bring in and focus the healings that will occur! All enclosed in a 6' copper pyramid!

You will also have your choice of which ThetaHealing you would like personally. Who doesn't love choices!! You will have your choice of the following for the ThetaHealing meditation:

  • DNA Activations series (Youth & Vitality Activation, DNA repair and Change Program for Aging)

  • Loving Yourself (Remove others DNA from yourself, repair/mend your broken soul and Send Unconditional Love to you when you were a baby in the womb)

  • Your soul can fragment when you experience traumatic situations, abuse, alcohol or drug addictions and/or any event that was experienced as strongly, emotionally negative. Your soul can dissociate and when this does, negative energy can take residence during the dissociation. This will help retrieve your soul fragments and clear any negative energy associated with the soul fragment that is being retrieved.

Each person can choose what they would like and in addition, you will receive a full body healing after your choice has been completed. Also, unconditional love will be flowing through every cell of your body during the meditation and healing of others.

The fee is $30 which is an incredible way to experience ThetaHealing and Andara Crystals for a fraction of the cost!!

Limited seating. RSVP by submitting form below.

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Knitting Group Meeting

Monday June 10, 2-4pm

Whether you are a beginner or advanced in the art of knitting- join us as we share our love for the craft. Bring a project you are working on. FREE

Yoga Classes

The yoga classes at Sweet Pose are healing and nurturing for the body. The classes are designed to release tension along the spine which will reduce pain, stress and increase vitality. Classes are smaller sized to allow for individual attention to alignment, gentle adjustments and customized propping.  



Anne is a highly intuitive energy healer and uses her gifts to uncover the root cause of your problems using various healing techniques to restore balance to the mind, body and soul.