Pranic Facelift and BodySculpting


Looking for a non-surgical way to address those wrinkles and lines?  Tighten skin on your face?  Re-shape what used to be shapely before gravity had its way?

Pranic Face Lift is an painless, no-touch energy technology using the principles of Pranic Healing to cleanse the worry lines and wrinkles off your face.  Pranic Face Lift procedure effects not only your face, but your overall quality of life.  Pranic Face Lift is now available for people who not only want to look and feel better, but who want to want to avoid unnecessary surgery, and all the risk that involves.

In Body Sculpting we address emotional issues that contribute to excess weight. Through cleaning the  emotional body , the physical body will be lighter. Body sculpting focuses on reshape, lifting and tighten areas that are bulging or sagging ( focus can be bust lift, tummy tuck, butt lift, smoothing cellulite, chin tuck, contouring cellulite).

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