Embodyment ® Yoga Therapy

What is Embodyment® Yoga Therapy?

Embodyment® Yoga Therapy is a highly effective and non-invasive bodywork technique that opens your spine, creating ease of body, mind and spirit. This gentle, powerful therapy is well-suited to those with injuries or chronic pain to help alleviate pain or speed healing.  For those in good health, Embodyment ® yoga therapy helps alleviate tension in your mind and body moving towards a state of  ease, clarity and optimal well-being. 

What happens in an Embodyment ® yoga therapy session?

In an Embodyment® yoga therapy session, you'll be resting fully supported  in Shavasana, yoga's relaxation pose. The therapist places hands on specific areas of the spine to facilitate deep release of tension. Depending on your condition, the therapist may include yogic breathing or gentle adjustments in well aligned and supported poses. An Embodyment session finishes with  a gentle massage up the length of the spine. Embodyment® yoga therapy releases tensions in the core of the muscular structure, creating a deeply restorative state that reaches beyond the scope of the yoga poses.

How many sessions are recommended?

For students who practice Svaroopa ® yoga having a session once or twice a month can help deepen the effect of their practice. If you are recovering from a recent injury, post surgery, have a chronic condition frequent sessions can speed healing.  Embodyment session can be very helpful to reduce side effects from chemo/radiation treatments.

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