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Theta Healing Meditation with Andara Crystals

Welcome to an incredibly intense Theta healing meditation. It will also include Fred's personal collection of Andara crystals set in a spiral to help bring in and focus the healings that will occur! All enclosed in a 6' copper pyramid!

You will also have your choice of which ThetaHealing you would like personally. Who doesn't love choices!! You will have your choice of the following for the ThetaHealing meditation:

  • DNA Activations series (Youth & Vitality Activation, DNA repair and Change Program for Aging)

  • Loving Yourself (Remove others DNA from yourself, repair/mend your broken soul and Send Unconditional Love to you when you were a baby in the womb)

  • Your soul can fragment when you experience traumatic situations, abuse, alcohol or drug addictions and/or any event that was experienced as strongly, emotionally negative. Your soul can dissociate and when this does, negative energy can take residence during the dissociation. This will help retrieve your soul fragments and clear any negative energy associated with the soul fragment that is being retrieved.

Each person can choose what they would like and in addition, you will receive a full body healing after your choice has been completed. Also, unconditional love will be flowing through every cell of your body during the meditation and healing of others.

The cost is $30 which is an incredible way to experience ThetaHealing and Andara Crystals for a fraction of the cost!!

Limited seating. RSVP by submitting form below.

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