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Special Event- Energy and Sound Healing to clear negative effects of the Total Eclipse.

Throughout history and present day, sages, gurus, spiritual healers and astronomers have said the total solar eclipse is a inauspicious event. During the time of the eclipse, days before and after the spiritual and energetic effects of the eclipse are negative. They advised increasing sattvic activites during this time to decrease negative effects- suggesting meditation, yoga, fasting,and  refraining from making important decisions.

The eclipse will shadow America from coast to coast. You can see the negative effects already happening in the recent news. Since it is a solar eclipse it will have the most negative effects on the ruler of our country. I see it as Trump reflecting the shadow side of all humanity. This is not a time to blame or point fingers( rajastic activity) or surrender and do nothing (tamastic activity) but rather a time to do some inner work ( sattvic activity). When you raise your energy, you raise the energy around you.

Please join Anne and Matthew for this special class. Our intention is to clear any heavy energies and raising your vibration for health. Anne will do energy healing and Matthew will play the Tibetan Singing bowls, while you rest in restorative yoga poses. The effects will be very blissful and healing!

It is suggested before attending to take a salt bath to increase the benefits.

Walk in rate $25. Students can apply your class series. Members are free. 


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