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The Sacredness of Relationship



What is relationship to you? Does internal chaos get in the way of your path to trulylove and grow with  someone? While relationship exists in everything we do it is important to understand firstly the relationship to your own feelings.

This workshop is about relationship empowerment and how to walk the path of love.  We will look at acknowledging and awakening our deepest longings.  All relationships involve a push and pull; we will meet the foundation of structure, boundaries, and freedom. We will come alive to the relationship oflove, emotional depth, and the sexual being.

In this workshop we will have the opportunity to connect with other people, to explore our innate nature, and understand the sensuality to life and the passion of relationship. You will:

· Understand what letting go is and giving yourself permission

· Learn ways to expand desire and endure love and trust

· Regain joy and playfulness

· Heal through the breath of life

· Explore differences  in the active/receptive energies

Class is open to all singles and couples. Wear comfortable clothing, bring water/snack, pillows and blankets to sit on.  Expect to work in dyads with others.  Refreshments and snacks will also be provided.

12:00  to 5:00 PM  

$140 a person

$250 a couple

Anita DeFrancesco, M.A. Modern Sex & Relationship Coach..Founder Tantra Wisdom has been leading workshops for 20 years in Los Angeles and Phila. A somatic psychotherapist, Tantra yoga master and author or Live Free. Her Podcast is -Mindulness-Sexuality-Relationships.

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