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Introduction to Qigong and T'ai Chi w/ Ted Straub

The topic of Qigong, or Energy Work, covers an expansive range of exercises and practices to balance physical, emotional, and spiritual health. In this introductory workshop, Sifu Straub will explain basic Qi theory, the three primary types of Qi and how they interrelate, and the concepts of nurturing and balancing Qi within ourselves. Through a series of simple static and dynamic exercises, participants will learn mindful movements to promote opening channels in the body for improved energy flow.

T’ai Chi, or Taijiquan, is a Chinese martial art that has been found to be exceptionally accessible and beneficial to “players” of all ages and abilities. Most often practiced in the west for its many health benefits, Taiji’s slow, gentle movements require relaxation and focus – the same qualities we seek to cultivate in static mediation traditions. For this event, Sifu Straub will introduce a basic Taiji “stepping” exercise. This movement is, in itself, a mindful meditative practice, but also lays the foundation for further Taiji studies.

About Sifu Straub

Ted Straub has been a student of Master Gellhorn for 12 years and has been teaching Taijiquan and Qigong in his private Berwyn studio for the past eight years. Over the years, Ted has had the opportunity to train with internationally renowned Masters such as Dr. Yang Yang, Master Jose Johnson, Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming, Master Shou You-Liang, Master Nick Gracenin, Professor Le Deyin, and others. Sifu Straub has won silver medals in national Taiji Forms competition.

Cost $20

Please wear comfortable clothing. Sneakers recommended but since we have a "no shoes" policy in the yoga room, we ask that your soles be clean and dry. 

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Later Event: January 28