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Burn Your Blocking Beliefs with Qatana Samanen Ph.D.

Wherever you’re stuck, there you will find a blocking belief that’s holding you back.  Sometimes conscious - often not - your blocking beliefs stand in the way of creating the life you want.

Usually put in place during childhood, your blocking beliefs once served a protective function.  Here’s the thing.  You’ve changed.  Your situation has changed.  But because your blocking beliefs were established to keep you safe, you cling to them, even when they’re getting in your way.

In this workshop, you’ll identify a blocking belief that’s holding you back.  Then, using Interactive Imagery, you will examine your blocking belief.  You can learn more about why it got put there in the first place and how it may have served you in the past.

You’ll then have the opportunity to burn your blocking belief and replace it with a new belief that can help you move beyond that stuck place so you can create the life you want.

This Workshop will be limited to a minimum of three and a maximum of six participants so

SIGN UP NOW!  Cost $79

For over 30 years Qatana Samanen has been helping people connect with their Inner Wisdom to create more joy in their lives.

 For more information or to sign up please contact Qatana:   610-935-9335,