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Meet Your Chakra Guide With Qatana Samanen, Ph.D.

Vast stores of wisdom, love and joy are waiting within each of us.  You discover these gifts by connecting with the source – your soul, your Higher Self, your Divine Nature. As you learn to dependably connect with your Inner Wisdom, you find

  • Fresh perspective and unsuspected strengths to deal more effectively with life’s challenges. 

  • Support, guidance, and unconditional love so that you can expand the peace, well-being and joy in your life. 

  • Confidence that comes when you know that the answers you seek are waiting for you within –all you need to do is ask!

In this workshop, you will journey within to meet a Guide from one of your seven Chakras.  As you interact with your Chakra Guide, you enter into a rich relationship with your Inner Wisdom. You discover the gifts that are waiting for you, gifts that can help you create the life you want.
This Workshop will be limited to a minimum of three and a maximum of six participants so

For over 30 years Qatana Samanen has been helping people connect with their Inner Wisdom to create more joy in their lives.
For more information or to sign up
please contact Qatana:

At the end of the workshop, you will be asked two questions:  “What is this worth to you?” and “What can you comfortably afford?”  Whatever you offer becomes a gift of gratitude for the value of what you have received.  


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